Overcoming Fear

Few years ago when we lived in Miami, I was invited to speak in a pastors conference near Fort Myers. To go from Miami to Fort Myers you have to cross the Everglades. If you ever had to drive through the swamp, you know that it is a long road with no gas stations. For some reason, I was distracted that day, and didn’t realize I was very low on gas when I entered the Everglades section of the journey. Talk about fear… all I could think of is being stranded in middle of the swamp with my family on board in 90 degrees weather, and no gas on sight.


Fear is a very real and very powerful emotion. Fear is one of the worst enemies we have to live with, and fight against everyday of our lives. Fear can simply paralize us from reaching our maximum potential in life, or even our daily goals. Fear is so powerful that it paralyzed a strong army general, when he found out that his superior is gone, and he is now the one in charge.


God called Joshua to lead Israel to the promise land, right after Moses passed away. We can see in Joshua 1:1-9 how fearful the strong general was. Nevertheless, God did not rebuke him for his fear. Instead he encouraged him repeatedly, and promised him to be with him as he acts in faith. At its core, fear is an abscence of faith. So the obvious antidote to fear is to cultivate a life of faith. I know I do write about faith a lot these days, but I don’t think it’s possible to have too much faith.


Driving through the Everglades, I had no option but to keep going and praying that the gas in my tank will suffice till I cross the desert. Unfortunately, life have way too many options, and it’s usually easier to get discouraged, turn around, stop, or even abnadon the road all together. That is why as believers, we need to constantly feed ourselves with the only thing that can fill our faith tank. The Bible! The Word of God is what can fill us with faith to respond and react to all the fear we face in today’s world. Whatever it would be, terrorism, sickness, government changes etc… We fight fear by faith, and faith comes from listening to the Word of God. So we do good by developing the daily habit of listening to God’s Word. As simple, and as foundational as this may sound.


I did make it through the Everglades back then, and we will make it through our spiritual desert, if we keep filling our faith tank daily.



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