Between Life and Death

Last week I received the sad news that a dear friend of mine went to be with the Lord. It all happened so fast and unexpectedly, that it got me thinking about the meaning of life and death. As believers, we surely  have a strong hope in the resurection, and the glorious life that awaits us on the other side of eternity. Nevertheless, the departure of a loved one is always a time of sadness and reflection.


The Bible encourages us to number our days, and to be wise on how we spend our time,  because the days are evil. On the other hand, a constant biblical command encourages us to live by faith. As I pondered on all that, I came up to these simple conclusions:


  • The brevity of life should remind us to enjoy today. Wether it is the fast pase western society, or the more relaxed reflective eastern one, most of us live our lives trying to catch up with tomorrow. We plan, work, go, and even dream as if tomorrow was already here. Then one day we wake up  and realize that today is gone and we didn’t get to live it or even enjoy it. All the tecnology, and the age of the information we are living in is pushing us more and more to what’s happening next, and we fail to enjoy our today. Mayeb that is just me, but it seemed like I’m always playing catch up with tomorrow. So, I decided to stop a few minutes everyday, and enjoy my present time, before it becomes my past. That way, when the future comes, I can walk in it with confidence and trust.


  • Living by faith is a constant struggle. When you are starting your  walk with God, you tend to think that the heroes of the Faith in Hebrew 11, were giants that had no difficulties, just vicotries. As you grow in your relationship witht the Lord, you realize that most (if not all) lived a life of struggle between the promises of God and its fulfillment. Some even died without receiveng what was promised. Nevertheless, they never stopped, they kept moving forward even when they couldn’t see a path, or even clarity for the next steps. When you find yourself taking steps in a fog, do not get discouraged, just remember that you are part of a great cloud of witnesses to the next generation coming behind you.


  • We still have a mission to accomplish. Life is brief, and we will struggle to live it by faith. But… we still have a mission to accomplish. Jesus’ command in Matthew 28:18-19 is for each one of us. If nothing else, you and I are called to go and make disciples of all nations. In our own context, and according to our own culture and opportunities, but we are all called to share our faith with others and lead them to a personal relationship with Christ.


May God help each one of us to find the balance between enjoying today, living by faith, and accomplishing the mission that He put in front of us. 

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